Getting there

is one of the repeating tasks when traveling. Usually there is a couple of options for handling the tradeoff between spending time, and money with comfort and safety as other aspects that might be worth considering. On this trip I feel like I’ve used most options available. On the fast end there were the planes that … Continue reading Getting there

Crossing borders

When moving around in Central America I’ve crossed a couple borders. While the basic story has always been pretty similar (sign out of the old country – sign in in the new country), details vary quite a bit. At some point the governments decided that this is a service that they should charge for. So … Continue reading Crossing borders

Homeless and unemployed

sound worse than it is. Well, at least as long as you spend your time traveling through central America. :) The last three months brought me from San Diego to Mexico, Guatemala, Belize, Mexico, Cuba, and Costa Rica. As it currently stands I’ll continue this trip with Nicaragua before heading back to Germany via Spain. Continue reading Homeless and unemployed