Korakas and the pope’s visit

Towards the end of my stay, I spent two evenings visiting the neighboring lighthouse of Korakas by foot (see my last post for a map). The lighthouse was installed on a protruding cliff. Volunteers use it as a post for spotting refugee boats, that they then report to Sea Watch / CADUS and the other … Continue reading Korakas and the pope’s visit

Lesbos S(AR)

[repeat from the last post] Floppy, a friend from Greenpeace, told me that he was going to go to the Greek island of Lesbos with a young NGO called Sea Watch, and that he was going to spend two weeks in December driving a rescue boat and plucking people from the Mediterranean Sea. As I … Continue reading Lesbos S(AR)

Isla Ometepe

As a little preparation for the Caribbean coast, I went all the way south through Nicaragua to Ometepe Island in lake Nicaragua. After a day on buses, taxi and ferry, I arrived at the Zopilote, a permaculture farm / hippie holiday resort. With the passport as deposit, food and drinks are gladly put on your tap and the first night is all that needs to be paid before checkout. Continue reading “Isla Ometepe”


Leon is one of the most highly recommended places in Nicaragua. Located in the northwestern lowlands, this city does not only feature ridiculously high temperatures, but also beautiful surroundings and exciting history. Continue reading “Leon”


Central America is deeply catholic. This results in the week leading up to easter (Holy week – Semana Santa) being the big event and travel week, where everything closes except for the churches that ramp up their efforts to new levels. As far as foreign travelers are concerned this week is dreaded because finding a … Continue reading Easter